The meeting rooms, located in the Marriott Marquis,
will be available Sunday, October 8 at 8am
through Tuesday, October 10 at 5pm.

Specific hours for business meetings have been set aside so as not to conflict with official Convention functions. Meeting rooms are limited so we encourage you to register early. Closer to the time of Convention, room names/numbers will be distributed to the companies that will occupy them. This information will also
be posted at the NFRA Registration Desk.
How do the Customer Business Meetings work?

NFRA provides Retailer members with complimentary meeting rooms so they may hold appointments throughout the Convention. These meetings can take any direction the participants choose from the review of an established account to the introduction of a new product or service.

How do I set up appointments?

An attendee list will be updated weekly on the NFRA Convention mobile app. A PDF version of this list will also be sent once a month to all registered attendees. Both lists include the contact information for all current registrants. Use the list to see who else is coming to the Convention, and then contact them early to set up a meeting time during the Convention. If a company is all booked, ask if they are holding a general session at the end of the day, or to meet with them in Café NFRA for a more informal setting.

How do I get on the Attendee List?

Register early! The earlier you register, the more attendee lists your name will appear on. Other registrants use the attendee lists to contact the people with whom they wish to meet during Convention.

Tips for Scheduling Meetings

•  Contact your meeting prospects as soon as possible to begin scheduling meetings!
•  Be open-minded and look for opportunities to schedule meetings with new companies.
•  Use the full three-day format to schedule meetings.
•  Be sure to leave time around your meeting schedule to attend the official Convention events (breakfast sessions, luncheons, etc).
•  Make sure you have the right people registered for the convention based on the meetings you want to conduct. Consider bringing teams of people that can address both the frozen and refrigerated foods sides of your business.
•  Please confirm all meetings prior to the convention.

How can I keep track of everything?

Download our mobile app! The NFRA Convention mobile app allows you to keep track of the daily schedule, your business appointments and so much more. Search NFRA Convention in the Apple or Google Play store. *Only registered attendees may access the app.

Tips for Holding Successful Meetings

•  It is important to be organized and prepared.
•  Develop an agenda with your trading partner – outline specific objectives you want to accomplish for each meeting.
•  Make sure the agenda has been communicated to all meeting participants.
•  Prepare for each meeting individually – understand your company’s relationship with each trading partner and be prepared to outline growth opportunities.
•  Identify meeting materials that will be used and be sure to bring them along.
•  Bring extra meeting materials in case additional participants join the meeting.
•  Bring plenty of business cards – give and take from customers, peers, potential business partners, etc.
•  Have the right people in the room so you can hold meaningful meetings.
•  Begin and end on time – participants have many meetings to attend.
•  Make sure all meeting participants are clear on the next steps.

Following Up on your Meetings

•  If you can’t get through your whole meeting agenda, consider using Café NFRA to continue your discussion.
•  Set aside time when you get back to your office to review meeting notes.
•  It is recommended that you follow up within a week for time sensitive items and within one month for all other items.