Taste of Excellence

Sunday, October 13 | 5:00-7:30 pm
Grand Ballroom

Experience this grand opening event, where you can network with colleagues while sampling the most innovative and newest products the industry has to offer. Attendance is included in your Convention registration.

Member Manufacturers: Take advantage of the opportunity to share your product(s) with the industry’s foremost decision makers. $3500 per table, up to two tables. Product will be professionally prepared by the hotel staff; cooking is not permitted at the table.


Thank you to our 2019 Taste of Excellence participants: 

Athens-18 BaysBakery-19-png Bernatellos-18-png BobEvans-19-png.png  BubbiesIceCream-19 BuddhaBread-19-png.pngMatosantosCampoverde16-pngDaisyBrand-19  DanoneNorthAmerica-18 DeepFoods-19-png  EatTheBall-19 EgglandsBest-17-png     GoodCulture-19-png GrecianDelight-18  GreenChileFoodCompany-19-png  GreenGiant-16  HaloTop-18-png  HappiFoodi-19-pngIcelandic Provisions-18-png InnovAsianCuisine-18-NEW-png  K&NsFoodsUSA-17 KodiakCakes17_3-Color  Mikeys-19-png Ateeco-MrsT's_NEW_19-png     NoEvilFoods_18 - png Palermos-18-png PictsweetFarms-17-png  RedsAllNatural18-png Richs-18-png Rosina-Italian-18 pngRuizFoods18  SaffronRoad-17-png  Saputo-19-png Sargento-18-png  Schwans18   StrongRoots-18  T.Marzetti-17-png TruFru18-png TysonFoods-18 ValsoiaSpA-18-png S.A.Piazza-Wild-Mikes-18-png